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NASA APOLOGIZES FOR FAKING THE MOON LANDING NASA confirmed what had generally been thought to be a wild conspiracy with little basis in fact: That the July 20, 1969 moon landing of Apollo 11 astronauts was faked. After starting with a brief but ambiguous "We're sorry" tweet on the official @NASA Twitter account, the following shocking facts were revealed via NASA's group LinkedIn blog: The surface of the mo ...

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It’s Official: Obama discontinues the penny.

President Obama is continuing in his frantic attempt to leave a significant legacy to his presidency by announcing the termination of a penny a legal tender in the United States.  The executive order is effective the day after Christmas, 2016.  The Federal Banks will accept pennies that are turned in for other currency through December, 2017. The President has had frustrations in trying to leave substantial ...

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U.S.A. Olympic swimmer Michael Phaelps dies today in RIO de Janeiro.

USA Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps dies today in RIO de Janeiro. It has been reported that multi Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps has died today. Phelps had been a known marijuana user, and has suffered a reaction between HGH and marijuana. The two drugs apparently caused an unlikely reaction that increased Phelps heart rate causing a heart attack. Phelps was training alone in Olympic village when t ...

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