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Putin offers gift USA $5 Billion for ‘cage match’ between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for presidential election.

In a recent press conference, President Putin offered $5 Billion USD to host a Russian style "Cage Match" between Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The offer is a huge insult to American politics to show the mockery of the existing presidential campaigns from both candidates. Many people have concluded that the American political process is broken and Putin's offer is a 'solution' t ...

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Donald Trump adopts Hispanic boy to climb to electoral Popularity.

In another seemingly desperate move to bounce back in the presidential election polls, Donald Trump made a shocking decision to adopt a child that he claims is "Hispanic."  He gave a press conference today at 9:30am while on his campaign trail.  Upon his announcement of the adoption he proudly held up the boy to the microphone and said his famous line "I love Hispanics." The boy was shy but Donald insisted ...

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Mel Gibson revealed as Trump supporter. Surprised?

Today, Mel Gibson makes headline news again with his newest controversy - he has declared himself a 'die hard Trump supporter. When Donald Trump seems to be plummeting in the polls, Gibson was compelled to swoop in as the shining knight showing his old William Wallace ways to save the falling real estate investor. Gibson declares, "It will be found out anyway that I have donated $50,000 to Mr. Trump's campa ...

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It’s Official: Obama discontinues the penny.

President Obama is continuing in his frantic attempt to leave a significant legacy to his presidency by announcing the termination of a penny a legal tender in the United States.  The executive order is effective the day after Christmas, 2016.  The Federal Banks will accept pennies that are turned in for other currency through December, 2017. The President has had frustrations in trying to leave substantial ...

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Clinton to Make Pantsuits Mandatory School Uniform

Clinton to Make Pantsuits Mandatory School Uniform   Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has released part of her agenda for her first 100 days in office.  After taking the oath of office in January 2017, Clinton says she will make good on one of her oldest campaign promises.  She vows as part of her education reform plan to make pantsuits mandatory in all public schools, from pre-kindergar ...

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