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Cancer Cure : Eat raw mustard seeds?

Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer.   Nowadays we are hearing more about cancer. Cancer is like a epidemic in 21st century. Before going into the heart of the article, we dig up some common definition of cancer. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. In 2012, about 165,000 children under 15 years of age were diagnosed with can ...

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Mountain Dew and Other Companies Go Bankrupt

Since the Truthful Labeling Act was passed, Mountain Dew, Lucky Charms and Froot Loops has increasingly lost money. Since companies were forced to put the true ingredients on the front of their labels, people quit buy these products. Apparently, when the label says "chock full of poison that WILL cause cancer", no one wants the product. Pepsico says that they are mystified why one of their top sellers has n ...

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Taylor Swift tests positive for Zika

In a recent visit to Miami last week, famed singer/song writer Taylor Swift may have caught more than the Florida sun. On September 1st 2016, Swift complained of joint pain and head aches after walking Lincoln Road. After a recommended doctor visit, she requested to be tested for the newest epidemic : Zika.  Even though there is no action to take after being diagnosed with Zika, most patients still like to ...

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Forget chemtrails, toilet paper is what they use to control us

Since the early 1970s, a vocal minority across the world has clamored about the dangers of "chemtrails", or the visible trail left behind jets in transit. This vocal minority banded together in 1978 to form a group known as the Society of Enlightened Citizens of the World Fighting Illuminati Overlords (SECWFIO).  SECWFIO garnered support through the years, spreading their enlightenment and fighting the use ...

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