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Society “Stalled”

The country was plunged into turmoil earlier this year with the announcement that Target stores will begin to allow people to use the restroom of the gender that they most identify with. Never before has where a person chooses to take a dump become such a hot button issue. One thing that this policy pointed out is that apparently there are many Americans who believe that public bathrooms are a very sexual p ...

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Mandatory ALL franchise Starbucks Coffee infused with Pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice is the New Black

Fall has landed and with it comes the arrival of everyone’s favorite autumnal treat, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But wait, there’s more. This year Starbucks has decided to infuse all of their menu items with the fabled Pumpkin Spice. “People have taking such a liking to the PSL, that we felt we were not doing enough to satisfy that craving,” a spokesperson for Starbucks commented yesterday. So if your coffee t ...

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Taylor Swift tests positive for Zika

In a recent visit to Miami last week, famed singer/song writer Taylor Swift may have caught more than the Florida sun. On September 1st 2016, Swift complained of joint pain and head aches after walking Lincoln Road. After a recommended doctor visit, she requested to be tested for the newest epidemic : Zika.  Even though there is no action to take after being diagnosed with Zika, most patients still like to ...

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Shark saving child from fall

In some unbelievable news today: a family beach day turned into an incredible act of altruism from an unusual animal - a Great White Shark.  Joseph Martinez from Los Angelos, California  was throwing his daughter into the air while swimming in the ocean. The heroic shark - which local residents have named "Chum" after the lovable character from "Finding Nemo," leaped into the air to save the falling girl fr ...

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Putin offers gift USA $5 Billion for ‘cage match’ between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for presidential election.

In a recent press conference, President Putin offered $5 Billion USD to host a Russian style "Cage Match" between Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The offer is a huge insult to American politics to show the mockery of the existing presidential campaigns from both candidates. Many people have concluded that the American political process is broken and Putin's offer is a 'solution' t ...

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Person dressed as clown holding balloons lures children into forest.

Local residents are being warned about an individual dressed as a clown who may be preying on children.  Numerous reports in Stuart, Florida at various playgrounds have caught the interest of local law enforcement who have begun an active investigation. CCTV footage of the clown has went viral when the balloon holding clown stood in the same spot for "over 45 minutes."   Children have chased the clown ...

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