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New qualifications for preschool enrollment

It's fall again. That time of year when parents rejoice at the sound of one phrase: "back to school". Oh, the freedom that yellow bus brings when it takes your kids away. Are you a parent if a toddler who also dreams of this day? Well, these parents may need to wait a little longer to breathe that sweet freedom air. This summer the education board in the Midwest has been putting some serious thought into wh ...

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Local woman flabergasted that local man won’t pay for child support

Traquisha Phillips-35  told our reporter she is "flabergasted" that her husband of three years denies to pay for child support on the basis that since he lived with them her 5 year old became really attached to  Devon-40 , "He became his father, in all order, DNA doesn't play a role here, since this kid identifies himself as his son". Devon declared that since the child is not his biological son, a court of ...

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Mountain Dew and Other Companies Go Bankrupt

Since the Truthful Labeling Act was passed, Mountain Dew, Lucky Charms and Froot Loops has increasingly lost money. Since companies were forced to put the true ingredients on the front of their labels, people quit buy these products. Apparently, when the label says "chock full of poison that WILL cause cancer", no one wants the product. Pepsico says that they are mystified why one of their top sellers has n ...

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Mandatory ALL franchise Starbucks Coffee infused with Pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice is the New Black

Fall has landed and with it comes the arrival of everyone’s favorite autumnal treat, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But wait, there’s more. This year Starbucks has decided to infuse all of their menu items with the fabled Pumpkin Spice. “People have taking such a liking to the PSL, that we felt we were not doing enough to satisfy that craving,” a spokesperson for Starbucks commented yesterday. So if your coffee t ...

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Trump to make Border Wall a tourist attraction.

Following his return from Mexico City and a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is sticking to his plan of constructing a wall on the United States southern border in an attempt to stem the flow of foreigners seeking a better life in America.   When asked about the wall and if it was discussed with the Mexican president Trump said "We did di ...

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Clinton To Possibly Assist Top Companies In Email Security

Top companies throughout the United States and Europe have offered to take Hilary Clinton on as a consultant for email and internet security for their firms. Pending the outcome of this year’s election, Clinton may have her choice of lucrative assignments if she does not become the leader of the free world. Hillary Clinton's new company "Paperless Securities" has received attention after the latest email sc ...

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  *BILL COSBY TO APPEAR IN VIAGRA ADVERTISEMENTS* Last week 79 year old bill Cosby signed a 7 million dollar endorsement deal with *Pfizer*, the makers of the male sexual enhancement drug *Viagra, to promote the famous ‘blue pill” anti-impotence product in new television and print advertisements. In a raucous press conference, attended by representatives of many women’s groups, company spoke persons sa ...

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The end of paper money is tomorrow – Banks will only trade in Bitcoin from the 1st of September 2016

The end of paper money is tomorrow - Banks will only trade in Bitcoin from the 1st of September 2016. One can only imagine the chaos such a move would make. To think that after all these thousands of years with using real money, our lives have been reduced to virtual currency. That kind of decision would be illogical and downright irresponsible. To go full throttle on this would not be taking into considera ...

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