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Craig Matthew Feigin is from Miami, Florida and is an investor in real estate primarily in the South Florida area. Feigin also facilitates hard money loans for home buyers, investors, and small businesses. In his spare time he enjoys writing for UPDATE: New information about Craig Feigin is available here:

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William, Kate to honeymoon in Nepal…April Fool!

It's neither the romantic Mediterranean isle of Sicily nor scuba divers' paradise Australia where Prince William and Kate Middleton will head for their honeymoon after tying the knot in Westminster Abbey April 29. Instead, their destination is going to be Nepal, the land of the Buddha, Mt Everest and the Gurkhas, with whom William's younger brother Prince Harry served in Afghanistan for a brief spell in 200 ...

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Last Greybeard Rhino Killed by Vegan Animal Rights Group

  As we are all aware, the rate of declining diversity of animal species on a global scale is on par with that of the mass extinctions that occurred before mankind’s reign during several distinct ice ages. This is noted by many scientists who study what is known as the geological time scale. The difference between extinction events of present? Instead of jumbo moon-sized ice sheets glaciating entire re ...

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France is to host the worlds strangest competition.

France is to host the worlds first beard growing competition.  In Marseille later this year (April 29th) hundreds of clean shaven, eager beard growers will convene..  This bizarre contest doesn't actually measure the length of beards that are already grown, but rather it will measure the speed at which competitors can grow a beard!   Not exactly the most action packed event. One eager fan commented "It ...

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Caitlyn Jenner says Donald Trump grabbed my…

Today, in a surprise turn of events, Caitlyn Jenner was another 'me too' for the numerous woman ('woman') coming forward claiming that Donald Trump inappropriately touched them. Jenner first showed support for Trump after Trump supported the controversial bathroom sharing between men and women topic.  Jenner referred to Trump as a "hero" and a "champion." Now it appears the script has flipped and Caitlyn Je ...

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Taylor Swift tests positive for Zika

In a recent visit to Miami last week, famed singer/song writer Taylor Swift may have caught more than the Florida sun. On September 1st 2016, Swift complained of joint pain and head aches after walking Lincoln Road. After a recommended doctor visit, she requested to be tested for the newest epidemic : Zika.  Even though there is no action to take after being diagnosed with Zika, most patients still like to ...

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Shark saving child from fall

In some unbelievable news today: a family beach day turned into an incredible act of altruism from an unusual animal - a Great White Shark.  Joseph Martinez from Los Angelos, California  was throwing his daughter into the air while swimming in the ocean. The heroic shark - which local residents have named "Chum" after the lovable character from "Finding Nemo," leaped into the air to save the falling girl fr ...

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Trump performs suspected ‘Satanic Ritual’ for last minute edge in Presidential Election

The nation was shocked and awed today as presidential front runner Donald Trump appeared in a leaked video and ripped the still-beating heart out of a small child. The act, whispered by many to be a sacrifice to the dark lords of American Politics, had been foretold by many on the Trump campaign staff for some time previously. "The signs were all there," said Joseph Mcmatton, Trump's VP of dark arts and vot ...

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