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Craig Matthew Feigin is from Miami, Florida and is an investor in real estate primarily in the South Florida area. Feigin also facilitates hard money loans for home buyers, investors, and small businesses. In his spare time he enjoys writing for UPDATE: New information about Craig Feigin is available here:

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AARP Now Accepting Ages 40 and Up For Membership

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) announced on Tuesday that they are now accepting memberships for people ages 40 and up.  Chairman John Doe Smith said in an interview, "They're going to be members anyway, we might as well start collecting dues as soon as we can so our competitors like labor unions and such can't suck them dry before we do".  Mr. Smith also commented that a great portion of ...

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Lawsuit filed in Halloween Contest Debacle

The latest in political correctness has landed the school board in a courtroom showdown with the parents of Amy Redd.  Fred and Ginger Redd are suing the Central Elementary School, the Principal, several teachers, and the school board for discrimination. A few weeks before Halloween the school board sent out a letter to all parents explaining their expectations of this years Halloween costume contest.  No c ...

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Toddlers Arrested For “Disturbing the Peace”

Chicagoans can rest safely tonight, knowing the police have control once again of our great city. Two toddlers were arrested at Helping Hands Daycare earlier today, police say they were "agressive, shouting, trying to hit the police with plastic bats, throwing sippy cups, etc." Police Chief Jason Roberts says they were able to contain the toddlers, but not without sending out the department's SWAT team. Mot ...

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Ronald Koeman shortlisted for manager of the year award

Ronald Koeman is the surprise nomination on the shortlist for a EPL manager of the year award. Koeman, along with Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Pep Guardiola were the nominations released this lunchtime. Koeman has been praised for his man management skills, his ability in the transfer market and his ability to motivate young millionaires in his team. One of the judges declared, "Put Koeman on the list!. ...

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House Hunters demos a marriage.

They were newly weds in love until they had to find a house,  then it I all went bad. He wanted a craftsman, two story, move in ready with no carpet. She wanted a single story fixer ranch with carpet in the bedrooms and a master suite with a tub. Just a few projects nothing major. House number 1 was a fixer, a 70's bathroom, vinyl flooring, shower only. You could see anger in his face when she said over and ...

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Outrage among US parents over new “rear-end” fad.

2017 is the year of the call back and all the A list music stars are paying homage to the fads of the past often in music video form. This nostalgia driven early 2000’s meme-a-thon is spearheaded by the ultra popular Taylor Swift. Who used this callback trend as a way to spoof music trends of the past, herself, and her detractors. However some parents are getting concerned, one fad has come back with a dram ...

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Tom Brady reveals back tattoo dedicated to wife, coach and team owner.

On Tuesday night a reporter for a national sports channel broke the surprising story of Tom Brady's new tattoo. If you didn't know Tom Brady has many tattoos on his body, all of his previous tattoos are not visible while Brady is in his Patriots uniform or shirt less on the beach. He has the logos for the 5 Super Bowl games he's won on his left leg, on his right leg are tattoos honoring his 2 MVP awards and ...

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The US and China are getting along again and they have Kim Jong Un to thank.

Something pretty incredible has happened. The United Nations Security Council all agreed on something, and actually got something done that means the United States, Russia, and China, found something they all had in common. Besides that they're each the best and greatest country in the world. The UN Security Council unanimously voted on tough new sanctions against North Korea. It's part of ongoing efforts t ...

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New qualifications for preschool enrollment

It's fall again. That time of year when parents rejoice at the sound of one phrase: "back to school". Oh, the freedom that yellow bus brings when it takes your kids away. Are you a parent if a toddler who also dreams of this day? Well, these parents may need to wait a little longer to breathe that sweet freedom air. This summer the education board in the Midwest has been putting some serious thought into wh ...

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PETA returns Mitch McConnell to native habitat

After extensive partisan bickering in the senate over animal rights, PETA has been allowed to return Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to his natural habitat, where he is expected to help repopulate the native population. The reaction has been mixed across party lines, with republican senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) remarking that "I'll miss McConnel, it always made my day to see him grazing for vegetables in the white house ...

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