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Pokemon Go player walks in front of train and still caught Pikachu

On Sunday, a man was out catching Pokemon while wandering around an abandoned train park.  Trains have not ran through this park for decades, so the man thought he was safe.  As he was approaching a track he noticed Pikachu was standing right on top of the track and he needed to catch it.  As he approached he was struck by a running train out of nowhere.  Upon authorities arriving, the body was found holdin ...

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Cancer Cure : Eat raw mustard seeds?

Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer.   Nowadays we are hearing more about cancer. Cancer is like a epidemic in 21st century. Before going into the heart of the article, we dig up some common definition of cancer. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. In 2012, about 165,000 children under 15 years of age were diagnosed with can ...

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Donald Trump builds wall- Mexico ecstatic and willingly pays

January 21st 2017- Washington DC On just his first day of office, President Donald Trump has completed his hallmark wall separating the United States and Mexico. Much to the surprise of physicists and experts in engineering, the wall sprang up overnight and was gleefully erected and paid for by the entire Mexican population. “We don’t know how it got there…it just popped up from the ground overnight” said o ...

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Pokemon Go secretly training child army “to be the very best”

In a day an age when the only outdoor time children have is waddling their roly poly bodies to the car for a trip to the video game store, anything that gets them up and moving must be a great thing, right?  Not according to Niantic insider Watashi Yamashi.  "It's all been kept very hush hush  outside the company, but it's well known that our ultimate goal is to train tech savvy super soldiers.  Most countr ...

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Trump Goes Back to School

In the ongoing US Presidential Elections, the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump has led another blow on the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Donald on Friday took the plunge by returning back to his graduate school. Though he was back to his school for his Presidential Election political campaign, he attended few classes with other graduate students. He got nostalgic ...

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Syrian president Bashar al Assad caught hacking into White House

The Syrian dictator/president was caught hacking into the White House yesterday in what the state department is calling a serious breach of national security.  It is thought that he was looking for information that would lead to future plans for the Americans in Syria.  In a press release, Mr. Assad stated that he paid "several Russian teenagers" to perform the hack which occurred at approximately 13:41 pm ...

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France is to host the worlds strangest competition.

France is to host the worlds first beard growing competition.  In Marseille later this year (April 29th) hundreds of clean shaven, eager beard growers will convene..  This bizarre contest doesn't actually measure the length of beards that are already grown, but rather it will measure the speed at which competitors can grow a beard! Not exactly the most action packed event. One eager fan commented "It's actu ...

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Are Hillary’s Changing Hairstyles Covering Horn-like Growths?

A former aide, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive subject matter and a very strong non-disclosure agreement with the Hillary for President campaign, tells CNN he has twice witnessed aides frantically changing Hillary's hairstyle immediately before a stump speech. He overheard an aide saying, "we have to find a way to cover them". Three other campaign staffers stood nearby. One was o ...

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Rich prince in beautiful girlfriend shocker

In shock news today it appears that ultra rich ginger playboy prince, Prince Harry has been getting his rocks off with leggy beauty and suits actress Meghan Markle. The randy, beardy and double-hard ex-army prince now 32, (and in prince years that means he should be married by now) will no doubt be being forced to stop having the life which all rich unattached 32 year olds would have, consisting of debauche ...

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