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Syrian president Bashar al Assad caught hacking into White House

The Syrian dictator/president was caught hacking into the White House yesterday in what the state department is calling a serious breach of national security.  It is thought that he was looking for information that would lead to future plans for the Americans in Syria.  In a press release, Mr. Assad stated that he paid "several Russian teenagers" to perform the hack which occurred at approximately 13:41 pm ...

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France is to host the worlds strangest competition.

France is to host the worlds first beard growing competition.  In Marseille later this year (April 29th) hundreds of clean shaven, eager beard growers will convene..  This bizarre contest doesn't actually measure the length of beards that are already grown, but rather it will measure the speed at which competitors can grow a beard! Not exactly the most action packed event. One eager fan commented "It's actu ...

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House Hunters demos a marriage.

They were newly weds in love until they had to find a house,  then it I all went bad. He wanted a craftsman, two story, move in ready with no carpet. She wanted a single story fixer ranch with carpet in the bedrooms and a master suite with a tub. Just a few projects nothing major. House number 1 was a fixer, a 70's bathroom, vinyl flooring, shower only. You could see anger in his face when she said over and ...

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