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Tom Brady reveals back tattoo dedicated to wife, coach and team owner.

On Tuesday night a reporter for a national sports channel broke the surprising story of Tom Brady's new tattoo. If you didn't know Tom Brady has many tattoos on his body, all of his previous tattoos are not visible while Brady is in his Patriots uniform or shirt less on the beach. He has the logos for the 5 Super Bowl games he's won on his left leg, on his right leg are tattoos honoring his 2 MVP awards and ...

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Halloween Cancelled due to Clowns

In lieu of recent events across the United States of America, world leaders have declared that Halloween across the globe has been cancelled and instead moved to December, in the hopes that the recent common Clown antics will have ceased to happen in America. Clowns have been seen staring into windows, following people, threatening schools, and robbing hotels, so in order to protect the humans of the world, ...

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The US and China are getting along again and they have Kim Jong Un to thank.

Something pretty incredible has happened. The United Nations Security Council all agreed on something, and actually got something done that means the United States, Russia, and China, found something they all had in common. Besides that they're each the best and greatest country in the world. The UN Security Council unanimously voted on tough new sanctions against North Korea. It's part of ongoing efforts t ...

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