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New qualifications for preschool enrollment

It's fall again. That time of year when parents rejoice at the sound of one phrase: "back to school". Oh, the freedom that yellow bus brings when it takes your kids away. Are you a parent if a toddler who also dreams of this day? Well, these parents may need to wait a little longer to breathe that sweet freedom air. This summer the education board in the Midwest has been putting some serious thought into wh ...

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PETA returns Mitch McConnell to native habitat

After extensive partisan bickering in the senate over animal rights, PETA has been allowed to return Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to his natural habitat, where he is expected to help repopulate the native population. The reaction has been mixed across party lines, with republican senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) remarking that "I'll miss McConnel, it always made my day to see him grazing for vegetables in the white house ...

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William, Kate to honeymoon in Nepal…April Fool!

It's neither the romantic Mediterranean isle of Sicily nor scuba divers' paradise Australia where Prince William and Kate Middleton will head for their honeymoon after tying the knot in Westminster Abbey April 29. Instead, their destination is going to be Nepal, the land of the Buddha, Mt Everest and the Gurkhas, with whom William's younger brother Prince Harry served in Afghanistan for a brief spell in 200 ...

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Last Greybeard Rhino Killed by Vegan Animal Rights Group

  As we are all aware, the rate of declining diversity of animal species on a global scale is on par with that of the mass extinctions that occurred before mankind’s reign during several distinct ice ages. This is noted by many scientists who study what is known as the geological time scale. The difference between extinction events of present? Instead of jumbo moon-sized ice sheets glaciating entire re ...

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