OFFICIAL: Justin Bieber Joins the Church of Scientology Reviewed by Momizat on . Controversy Sparks After Justin Bieber Joins the Church of Scientology Justin Bieber joins the Church of Scientology secretly. The press has managed to get a ho Controversy Sparks After Justin Bieber Joins the Church of Scientology Justin Bieber joins the Church of Scientology secretly. The press has managed to get a ho Rating: 0
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OFFICIAL: Justin Bieber Joins the Church of Scientology

Controversy Sparks After Justin Bieber Joins the Church of Scientology

Justin Bieber joins the Church of Scientology secretly. The press has managed to get a hold of this controversial decision after someone closed to the artist revealed

February 4th Miami, Florida – There were rumors that Justin Bieber has joined the Church of Scientology, which some believe were confirmed. Last weekend, Justin Beiber, the famous Canadian pop singer, was seen walking out of the Church of Scientology’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Acquaintances of the singer declared that he had been thinking about joining the controversial religious organization for some time. What made him take this decision? Many believe that it was his disbelieve in Psychiatry and psychiatric labels; others are convinced that he took this decision as a PR-strategy, waiting for the right time for the information to reach world news. No matter what his real intentions are, on thing is clear: ‘Justin Bieber joins the Scientology’ is no longer an understatement.

Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida 

It was a sunny day in the small and united community of Clearwater, of Florida, when locals witnessed what is probably the most controversial news piece of the year. At around 11 A.M., a young man stepped out of a car, which was pooled near the local Scientology Church. What wasn’t clear to the people of Clearwater was that the young man was not just anybody – he was Justin Bieber.

Although he tried to keep a close profile, the local press and paparazzi were on his way. Moreover, it did not take long before a little girl, around 10, recognized him.

Why did Justin Bieber join the controversial church?

Rumors about the artist joining the Church of Scientology have been out there for a while. Friends and acquaintances revealed Justin Bieber’s interest for the religious group for some time.

He actually was approach by some Scientology members five years ago. Now, you might think that Justin knows what he’s doing, but despite his success he is actually a confused boy. What I mean is that he is searching for answers. That’s why he has studied different churches and religions all his life,” said an acquaintance, who did not want to reveal his identity.

Concerning close friends, we managed to interview one of his best friends and kindergarten colleague. He didn’t want to reveal his identity to the press, too.

We’ve been close friends since childhood. However, I haven’t had much chance to chat with Justin ever since he left. But there was one thing that startled me with, namely, his growing interest in religion. One time, when chatting on Facebook, Justin Bieber asked me if I wanted to visit the Church of Scientology headquarters in Ontario. That really shocked me,” said Bieber’s friend.

We’ve also tried to get a hold of his parents, to ask them if they knew anything about their son’s change in faith. The father clearly said that he didn’t want to get involved with his son’s private life, moreover when there is something as controversial as this.

Still! Why did Justin join?

Many of his acquaintances talked about his interest in religion, and that many times, he stated that he was feeling unhappy and depressed after shows. In fact, Justin Bieber is one of the few VIPs who have talked openly on this topic in the past.

That got many to believe that the Canadian pop star had had a change in faith. Many know that what makes the Church of Scientology special is that they do not believe in mental illness and psychiatric labels. A cornerstone of the Church’s faith is that what we call mental illnesses are actually spiritual problems that can be solved by following the Scientology doctrine and practices.

Yes, this is what we believe and what the church teaches. The notion of Mental Health is basically a secular invention. We, humans, are spiritual creatures, formed and shaped in the image of our creator. Most of what we label as mental illness is simply a by-product of man’s departure from the Divine,” said David Miscavige, head of the Church of Scientology.

When asked what he thought about Just Bieber’s joining the Church, Mr. Rudger said that he did not even know if that was true or not.

I should have heard something about it. As you might already know, many celebrities are part of our religious community. We are basically the most popular church among Hollywood stars. However, as I already told you, I haven’t heard anything about Justin Bieber joining. I will check our Church’s archives,” declared Mr. David Miscavige.

Why do so many celebrities join the Church of Scientology?

Founded by a science-fiction writer by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, who migrated to America from England, the Church of Scientology seems to go hand in hand with celebrity status. Throughout the decades, many successful celebrities have joined the controversial organization.

Now, Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss and many others are active members of the Church. Why do so many celebrities join the Church of Scientology? It seems that the answer is simple, but not as straightforward. A religious cult founded by an entertainer – we can say that the sci-fi writer, Ron Hubbard, – attracts other entertainers. Although the Church of Scientology has a branch responsible for approaching celebrities, i.e., the Celebrity Center, it appears that they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary besides approaching and then initiating celebrities into the Church’s practices.

The Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California. Here, the Church develops its newest strategies in recruiting celebrities and improving their world-wide image

Possible explanation to Bieber’s presence in Clearwater

Although the head of the Church of Scientology couldn’t confirm that Justin Bieber had joined the church, there is another possible explanation for his presence in Clearwater, Florida. He is not a member, yet, but will join the religious organization soon.

The Church of Scientology has some strict rules regarding newcomers. It may take even years before being allowed to be part of the Church of Scientology. It also is very costly. Some say that a member spends $5.000 on average before he becomes a full member.

That’s why many believe that Justin Bieber was visiting the headquarters from Clearwater, Florida, in order to become more knowledgeable about the faith. Also, many believe that he has close ties with some of Scientologists from the state of Florida. He was approached a couple of years ago, by some operatives of the Celebrity Center that we’ve just talked about in the article. They have decided to meet with Justin in the small town from Florida. It appears that Justin Bieber has been curious about the Scientological approach on depression and psychiatric labels. In his quest to overcome depression and sadness, he has found refuge in the Church of Scientology.

No matter what the real story is, we can be sure of one thing: Justin Bieber joins the Church of Scientology, if he hadn’t already joined, has already sparked controversy in the celebrity world.


Justin Beiber joins the Church of Scientology is probably the first shocking news of the year 2017 from the music world.

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