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Local woman flabergasted that local man won’t pay for child support

Traquisha Phillips-35  told our reporter she is "flabergasted" that her husband of three years denies to pay for child support on the basis that since he lived with them her 5 year old became really attached to  Devon-40 , "He became his father, in all order, DNA doesn't play a role here, since this kid identifies himself as his son". Devon declared that since the child is not his biological son, a court of ...

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Mountain Dew and Other Companies Go Bankrupt

Since the Truthful Labeling Act was passed, Mountain Dew, Lucky Charms and Froot Loops has increasingly lost money. Since companies were forced to put the true ingredients on the front of their labels, people quit buy these products. Apparently, when the label says "chock full of poison that WILL cause cancer", no one wants the product. Pepsico says that they are mystified why one of their top sellers has n ...

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Mandatory ALL franchise Starbucks Coffee infused with Pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice is the New Black

Fall has landed and with it comes the arrival of everyone’s favorite autumnal treat, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But wait, there’s more. This year Starbucks has decided to infuse all of their menu items with the fabled Pumpkin Spice. “People have taking such a liking to the PSL, that we felt we were not doing enough to satisfy that craving,” a spokesperson for Starbucks commented yesterday. So if your coffee t ...

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Trump taxes released, revealing secret history of charitable donation and low salary

Reporters were shocked today as Donald trump stood in front of a packed boardroom and finally gave the people what they were looking for. "Today, I finally buckle to media pressure, and have made my tax returns public for every to see." A roar of applause  went up from the crowd as a slideshow appeared on a screen above the press and a large print document came into view. There was a muffled gasp, and a smi ...

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